Looking for a used honey extractor. I would prefer something around the four frame size. Motorized and radial if possible. it can be very used as long as it still works. I dont need this right away as I am not pulling honey for some time.

you can reply here but it is probably better to email me. Please send pics if you think I might be interested because the first thing I am going to ask for is pictures. Price range is hard to say becasue of quality of extractor. I guess I would pay up to $600 for the right one. that is why I need it used. hard to find a new one for that price and I am on a budget.

I live in Washington so you might have to ship. I would drive a few hours out to get it but I doubt it will be that close. Its never that easy!

Thanks for your time!
Kaliber Olson Kalibero@hotmail.com OR Kaliber@Kolsonfarms.com