I had one hive make it through the winter, and at the end of January, found that besides the marked queen that I had purchased in the previous fall, the hive had made another queen. I observed the hive for a couple of weeks, and found that the new queen was being well tolerated by the mother queen and the rest of the bees. I decided to make a nuc with the new queen and some frames from that hive, and they are doing well. Today I inspected the "old" hive, and found the same old marked queen, who appeared on a frame of lots of brood in a nice pattern, but on two separate frames, found two new queens! I had been told that an extra queen is not terribly unusual, but I'm wondering if this hive is unhappy with the old queen (even though she is laying), why they tolerate so many queens, and if I should expect one or more queens to leave at some point. Thanks for any insights on your experiences.