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    Default Equalizing

    Best way to go about equalizing an apiary with thirty hives in it? Step by step instructions would be beneficial, i.e.

    1. Break all hives down to four frames of brood one frame of honey
    2. Place all extra frames of honey in extra boxes and set off to the side
    3. Repeat step two with frames of brood
    4. Divide up frames of honey and brood equally among all hives making sure not to transfer any queens
    5. Replace top covers
    6. Enjoy favorite beer or whiskey and water after hard days work.

    I'm not sure how to go about doing it, but doing my mock up example I feel like that might work? Looking for most efficient way possible and an idea of what the weather should look like outside so I don't end up chilling any brood. I checked my hives a couple of days ago because the temperature rocketed all the way up to 68F here, up from 30's the week before and I went to go do my first inspection of the year. Have multiple hives in need of feed/honey within the next week or two, someone that have 2 deeps full of bees, others that have a half deep full of bees with 1.5 deeps of honey left, others somewhere in the middle, etc... etc...

    Thanks for any and all replies.
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    Default Re: Equalizing

    I generally just assess the average strengh of the yard and go from there.
    For example, if most hives have five frames of brood then I remove the extra from the stronger (>5) and place in the weaker (<5). I don't touch the average hives and don't give more to a weak hive than they can take care of. If it takes a few visits to boost the weak then so be it, no benefit to chilling brood.
    I only move feed frames if a hive is honeybound or starving but not to equalize stores.


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