I'd like to acknowledge and thank those who have reported spam to me. Now that the registration is an automated process using a third party plug-in, we occasionally get a spammer that gets through. 95% of spammers get identified and blocked with Spam-O-Matic. Spam-O-Matic then automatically sends the user name, IP address, and email address to two different spam databases so that other forums who subscribe to their service can benefit as well. At the same time, I also enter all spam IP addresses into the forum's Banned IP Address field reducing it to a partial address, eventually restricting down those known locations, i.e. China, Vietnam, Venezuela.

The other 5% do get through to the forum. Of those, only 10% actually are able to create a post everyone sees. Most get identified and get put into a moderation queue for manual processing. I receive an email copy of every registration, so I also scrutinize those and flag the ones that look suspicious, coming back to them when I have time and do an IP lookup. Rarely will any registration go more than 24 hours before I physically check it over.

All this to say, continue to report any spam you see, but also know that at some point everyday, a thorough process is in place that will result in deletion of all but the stealthiest of spammers. I'd say 95% of all the spam is bot generated.