My very first swarm was in an eave and it was well established with a LOT of comb. The bees behaved well which was a big surprise since I was slicing though a lot of brood. There was so much comb, this could have been there for years, at least two. I never got to see the queen before the exterminator had to do his business. That was last Wednesday. I took them to my Top Bar hive and set most of the brood comb parallel, but slightly zig-zagged and left them alone until this morning. I just got through wiring up the most promising comb. Now if there are enough bees and larvae this doomed colony has a chance to produce a queen. The word is still out with local pest controllers for me to get another swarm, but if it's another cut-out I may pass. It's just difficult to think about a viable colony getting wiped out just because they set up in a bad location.