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    Default I am afraid my cut-out is failing.

    My very first swarm was in an eave and it was well established with a LOT of comb. The bees behaved well which was a big surprise since I was slicing though a lot of brood. There was so much comb, this could have been there for years, at least two. I never got to see the queen before the exterminator had to do his business. That was last Wednesday. I took them to my Top Bar hive and set most of the brood comb parallel, but slightly zig-zagged and left them alone until this morning. I just got through wiring up the most promising comb. Now if there are enough bees and larvae this doomed colony has a chance to produce a queen. The word is still out with local pest controllers for me to get another swarm, but if it's another cut-out I may pass. It's just difficult to think about a viable colony getting wiped out just because they set up in a bad location.

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    Default Re: I am afraid my cut-out is failing.

    Well, It may be possible that you do have the queen. You will know if she is there when you see eggs.

    As far as passing on another cut out, if the colony is just going to get sprayed and killed by the exterminator, then the chances are better for the bees if you do the cut out.

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    Default Re: I am afraid my cut-out is failing.

    Cutouts are stressed and sometimes have too much comb to guard. Sometimes they end up queenless. I try to always give them the open brood and some of the capped brood. I never try to salvage the honey, unless it's a bad time of year to be doing a cutout in the first place and the honey is in old dark brood comb that is tough enough to handle. If they did raise a new queen you may not see eggs until four weeks after you did the cut out...
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