My name is Dave (hello dave!) and it really hurts me to admit this, but I recently used check mite plus.

In January almost every hive in my yard had a serious infestation of small hive beetles, and I was afraid that if I didn't do something soon it would be too late once pollen really started coming in. Plus, I was afraid that if I fed (pollen sub especially) that would aggravate the problem - I felt like my hands were tied.

So I bit the hard chemical bullet and ordered some Check mite plus. I had heard that it would knock out most SHB in as little as 2-3 days, so I reduced most hives down to one box and put in one strip for one week - the directions say 40 days or so. I marked all of the frames so that I would never extract honey from them. A week or so later (after they aired out) I checkerboarded to give them room and stores.

When I did a full inspection yesterday I saw one beetle in the entire yard - and general hive health looks pretty good.

These are just the facts, I'm not in any way advocating the use of hard chemicals (this was my first time) but in this case I judged that it was do or die - and it worked. So far. This time.