I'm a total beginner, please don't judge...
I bought two complete hives from FW Jones with Pierco frames, all relevant hive accessories, tools, suit, smoker, ect... under the guidance of local Bee Keepers

I read "Bee Keeping for Dummies" this winter to prepare myself for the upcoming bee keeping journey of next summer... I understand the clear concept of "bee-space" per langstroth, but can i duplicate a langstroth hive with proper "bee-space" and build it with rough cut lumber? I'd like another (3) hives. Considering the shipping costs and materials i could save a few hundred dollars.

Is it worth it and if so, what would the "CONS" be associated with this idea?
Note: Weather here is Winter: MAX Low: -40 degrees celcius
Summer: Max High: 35 degrees celcius

Northern Ontario, Canada