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    Default Nectar Eplosion!

    So, I did a frame by frame inspection of all my hives yesterday. This morning I decided to put a box of 1/2 frames in one of the stronger ones - which involved sorting frame by frame through the box again to get it arranged so that the queen would lay the minis full of brood asap. Anyway, in less than 24 hours I'm certain they have brought in a super and a half (8 frame medium) full of nectar and pollen. The conditions are perfect, and maple is in full bloom. Woo Hoo!
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    Default Re: Nectar Eplosion!

    Mine have been cleaning out the empty super I left on one hive (it has some honey in it) -- lots of dead hive beetles on the sticky board again. Bees visible on the comb through the escape (too cold to open up here, and windy), but the way they are crash-landing I suspect they are hauling nectar along with all that pollen.

    Nice to see, eh?

    Full inspection next weekend when it's supposed to be warm, not threatening rain, and not windy.


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    Default Re: Nectar Eplosion!

    I am about to do mine today. I hope I get the same results.
    It feels like I have been waiting for warm days forever


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