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    Default queen preference

    This is my 8 months into beekeeping. In the process I have learn a lot. Thanks to all the good
    posts here I have cut my learning curve a lot. This is my first time to attempt at queen rearing using
    the OTS notching method. For an inexperienced beginner I found this the easiest one to do. So far so
    good. Many more questions I have as I learn and grow.

    I saw some stocky as well some slender more narrower body queen.
    What is the preference for a queen bee? By what standard do we evaluate them on. Our personal
    preference or there is a set standards for them.
    Does it matter or is it more of genetics with different type of bees?
    You think this is a good enough acceptable queen? She just hatched since yesterday. Hope you can see her not
    so clear pics.
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    Default Re: queen preference

    Looks like a queen to me!

    Seriously, what you need to do is leave the hive alone for at least a week. Give her a chance to fly and mate. Then what you want to see are lots of freshly laid eggs. That will tell you, barring the misfortune of a drone layer, that the queen is fertile and vigorous.

    FWIW, Professional queen producers operate on no less than a 14 day schedule. That is, they put out the mature cells and come back to catch laying queens in 2 weeks.

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    Default Re: queen preference

    Yes, she is a nice looking virgin queen. If all goes well, she will soon be a nice mated/laying queen.
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    Default Re: queen preference

    She's a "bee" uty! She'll serve you well!

    Good job

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    Default Re: queen preference

    My criteria are that her colony is healthy, productive and gentle... I don't care what she looks like...
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