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    Default Podcasts for Beekeepers and newbies

    *please delete Mods if this subject has been posted*

    I wanted to create a thread for those to share podcasts on beekeeping.

    As a newbie on beekeeping i'm just falling more and more in love with bees and their world and how fascinating they are.

    This forum has been an excellent resource for myself and as i'm Tab whore, my browser is just tabbed out with bee info. I'm a big fan of the podcast world and the bee keeping vids on youtube are mostly excellent.

    If you have a smartphone or computer i would like to recommend this Podcast:

    at the

    or on iTunes:

    also, i'm sure many of you know that PJ chandler has his own podcast too.

    i realize many of you might have posted about various that case if mods feel the need to delete this...then by no means will i be offended.

    if anyone else would like to share their favorite bee away.
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    Default Re: Podcasts for Beekeepers and newbies


    We have a beekeeping podcast, its called "The Kiwimana Buzz"

    By the way we had Phil Chandler on Ep16. Which can be found HERE

    We have written an article on how to subscribe to the podcast HERE

    We also released our 17th Podcast yesterday “Treating the Buzzy Bees”. This week we are talking about Toxic Honey and a Lady who is Addicted to bee stings. The latest show can be located HERE

    We are on itunes as well have a look for "kiwimana" or "beekeeping"

    Other goods ones that you didn't mention is the BK Corner Podcast, which can be found HERE


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