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    Default Cleaning up hive after swarm capture

    I captured a swarm recently by cutting down a high limb where they had settled .Ten combs that were broken up a bit when the nest came down. I picked up the pieces, rubber banded them into frames and filled one deep with them. Now, how do I clean up this mess? Lift one frame from the end (at least a frame with no or minimum eggs or larva), cut out the old broken comb and replace with foundation then insert the frame into the middle of the nest? Do this weekly or so until the hive is renewed?
    Give me your suggestions or explain how you do this rework. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Cleaning up hive after swarm capture

    Unless the comb you put in won't fit flat, you need do nothing -- the bees will attach it to the frames and build them out completely.

    The rubber bands infuriate them, too, so that as soon as the comb is attached they will cut them off and drag them out.

    If the comb is too lumpy for you, exchange it some time when there is no brood in it, otherwise it will work just fine.


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    Default Re: Cleaning up hive after swarm capture

    Foundation is for beekeepers. The bees will be quite happy when they attach and build on the comb you tied in.


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