I am looking for any news of feral European dark honey bees (Apis mellifera mellifera) in North Carolina, Southern VA or East TN. If you know of any colonies fitting this description or that you suspect fit it, and would not mind letting me know about them or their general location; please send me an PM.

It is probably unlikely that we have any pure German dark honey bees in this part of the country anymore, however, I would think that there are likely some feral colonies which have a pretty good share of these genetics. I think it would be interesting to capture swarms from such colonies in order to back cross and breed the closest we can to the old German dark honey bee.

I have heard that these honey bees tend to be kind of defensive and runny on the combs--not traits that many a beekeeper wants. I too am not so interested in these two traits; however, I am interested in keeping genetic diversity available. I have also heard that the closer to A.m.m. genetics you get, the calmer the honey bee--basically, that the American feral bees with A.m.m. genetics are likely defensive due to hybridization rather than the A.m.m. genes alone. (So my theory would be that back crossing and selecting for relative gentle behavior, might get close to the ideal A.m.m. I have heard and read about from European beekeepers who work with this race of honey bee.

Thanks for any information on dark bees you know of or have heard of in NC, Southern VA or East TN.