I have noticed a recent trend in beeks switching from deep supers to medium supers with better wintering and brood rearing results, here on this forum. I agree, in that I have been able to winter colonies in two deep supers and a medium full of winter stores (USA Langstroth 8 & 10 frame hive design).

What has worked better for me though, is following a European 'super' design (philosophy) of supers that are 12-1/4" (300 mm) in depth (height) with an 8 frame width. My colonies, with an 8-frame super deep super of 12 1/4", have a better survival rate. My bottom board is actually a 3" mini super. With integral storage for winter die off, mite observation; the extra air space aids in winter "insulation" and condensation removal. Entrance is 2" wide. My bees adapt and form a line.

I have several winter colonies that are now 2 super deep supers and a medium super. I am also foundationless frames. Yes it sucks to have non-standard equipment, but for me this is what works and keeps my bees happy. The other draw back is it takes extra time for the hive to build the extra 1 1/2" of comb.

It works so do not change .... So how much of this is superstition?