Hey guys. well we did 2 cutouts last week and one of them i brought home alot of the exterior wall boards from the old house from the 1860's. it has alot of old comb attached to it and i thought it may be priceless to use for swarm traps. since ive heard to use old black comb and such along with lure or lemongrass. i built one trap already to 10" tall X 9" front to back X 20" across/wide. basically the size of a frame. and it is a little bigger than 5 frames. about the size of a nuc.

my questions are:

Should i build them the size of a medium super since im looking to go with all medium frames and boxes ? what is the ideal size for swarm traps ? i know that question is like asking a room full of fisherman what is the best bait but any education in this would be awesome.


When is the best time to start hanging and baiting the swarm traps ? ideal locations etc. We are in the southern eastern most part of Kansas .

and would it be fine to use TBH bars for the swarm traps and put them in TBH's ? ive heard that nuc bees and packages dont take well to TBH hives. so i dont want to put ANY of the nucs we have coming next month into tbh's. id like to use the tbh's i am building strictly for cutouts and swarms.

any info on this topic would be great because ive never done any swarm trapping yet. but now that we have had a couple colonies of feral bees (from the cutouts) in our growing beeyard... we really enjoy how they act and they seem to have taken off in a week or sow. not to mention the local bees seem to be very small healthy buggers

free is always great too !!!!!!!!