With all the intelligence and woodworking skills in the world, I wonder why nobody has designed a langstroth hive where the brood boxes are like bottomless drawers in a filing cabinet, so you can examine brood without removing supers? It just seems so obvious to me, although I realize the big problem would be the bees propolising the drawers.

So if they would propolise or build burr comb in the space between the drawers and the cabinet, why not just make a metal frame with drawer slides without an outer cabinet? The frame would be outside the hive. Obviously you would want very little space between drawers, but if they got stuck together, why couldn't you pop them loose just like you do the boxes?

It would be such a huge time saver and back saver, make inspections quick and easy, and I suspect would be much less disruptive to the hive than tearing it apart every couple of weeks.

What am I missing that has kept this from working or being invented?