Hey folks! This is my first post here and I imagine for the first little bit I'll be offering more questions than answers. I'm purchasing equipment for a couple colonies that I'm putting on the property this summer and have a fair amount of stuff that was left here by the previous owner. I'm sorting through what I can and can't use, what needs to be cleaned and torched etc.. Most of it is making sense but I have run into a bit of a confusion that I hoped somebody could help me out with.

So there are a number of huge boxes of shallow plastic frames. They are bit different than what I fammiliar with (I'm not familliar with much).

So.. the top bar is narrow. Approx 5/8" wide.
the side bar is straight without a wide section at the top.. also approx 5/8" wide.

It seems I usually see wider top bars than side bars, and a bit of a wider section for the top few inches of the sidebar.

Anybody have any idea what I have here?

For whatever reason the attachment button does not work for me.
Does this question make sense to anybody? Any input would be very much appreciated!