I was watching some videos on you tube and came across this one of a cutout in Georgia:


Near the beginning he mentions a hive beetle trap he likes and sells, and then as he begins to cut out the comb you can see lots of beetles running around. So at first I thought,"well it sure is good he has traps." But then I started putting together some other observations.

The hive he is cutting out has been there a long time. It is big and he explains that it appears to have recently cast off a swarm and raised a new queen. The queen seemed to be productive, as well as the rest of the bees. The colony appeared to be in great shape, in spite of the large beetle population.

I realize there are a lot actual facts that I don't know about this hive, but it seems like the beetles were not hindering the hive at all.

I am not really sure what question I am trying to ask, maybe I would just like to hear other people's thoughts on this.