About 4 days ago, I did a split on 3/9, last Saturday. Did a hive check today. It is now half way successful with 7 queen cells about to be cap. I think they will cap these cells in 6-8 days since 4 days gone by already. And majority of these cells are half way done with one small hole for the bees to get inside to take care. They are smart to built the drone cells as well by the side of the frames at the top.
One plastic frame has 4 cells (3 from the ones I did a notch on, one they make their own on the first day--3/10.) On the next plastic frame 3 cells are made by themselves. Some are small and some are just a bit bigger cells. But nowhere the same size as the big queen cell at pics I seen on this site or youtube videos.
My question is how many cells can I keep and which ones? Is there a way I can help to make these queen cells bigger? How do I get them out off the plastic frames, cut them or scoop them out? Which tool to use to cut or scoop them out better?
And at what date should I be doing the cutting to transfer them into a nuc box?
Next time I am using the real combs but this is my first time to make this mistakes.