I'm hoping a moderator can answer a question within a few minutes.

I just gathered my swarm. It was rather large and I could not get all the brood. The kind pest control guy waited as long as he could for me to spot the queen, but I did not find her. I had to put the vented lid on my swarm box and let him kill the rest. I have them loaded in my top bar hive with the partition six bars back. Then I put as much of the brood comb into the partitioned area as would fit. I tried to keep it parallel with the bars and zig zag it a little to allow them access.

Here is my questions: How much comb should I leave in the brood area for them to rebuild if I got the queen?

What should I see to tell me if I got the queen or if I should just clean out my hive and wait for the next swarm?

Should I put my entrance feeder on the hive? I will probably do this no matter what because the combs looked a little empty except for the brood.