i am a chicago filmmaker looking to shoot an upcoming project that will involve covering myself and one other non-allergic actor's face/upper torso in live bees (candyman-style!!). i literally know absolutely nothing about this except that it's got to happen, so could any one offer some advice or point me in a general direction as i pursue this? i've read that while shooting candyman they used specially bred bees that were made to look fully mature even though they were only about 12 hours old in reality, so their stingers were not that serious yet. is this the common approach to this kind of project? is this approach as expensive as it sounds? as i am paying for this out of pocket i'd prefer to spend the least amount of money as possible! also, im not trying to kill a swarm of bees or set them loose in the streets of chicago, so i imagine i'd have to do this sort of thing on-site at a beekeeping facility? any comments or advice are welcome!!