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    Exclamation Where can I get a Queen?

    I inspected one of my hives last weekend. I noticed the queen was alive and I had a small amount of capped brood, some plump larva, but I did not see any 1-3 day old eggs. The population in the hive was small but they had honey and a sugar source so they are not starving. My queen is 2 years old.

    I am thinking I need to replace her quickly. Your thoughts?

    Where can I get a queen at this time of the year? I am in North Carolina?


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    Default Re: Where can I get a Queen?

    When it is still cold outside, not the official Spring time yet, you queen will not build up as fast. If she is fed well then should be good to go. You can compare her to other hives to see. Also, make your own queens if you have the stronger hives that you like.

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    Default Re: Where can I get a Queen?

    Take another look in the hive and see if a supercedure cell has been started. A failing queen is recognized quickly by workers due to phermone reduction and usually a new one is started. If not take another look for eggs. Sometimes during a cold snap, if bees can't reach food they will stop brooding or even sacrafice brood/eggs and then start once the weather and food supply is more accessable.

    Most suppliers are booked up and those with queens this time of year are using them in packages. Kelley consistently has queens when other don't. I believe there's are Hardeman stock. Since the earlier the queen, the lessor the quality, and more likely her quick superscedure you may not be ahead trying to requeen at this time. I would call around and check to see if anyone has queens, take a look at the weather, and schedule her arrival for a warm sunny day when the field workers will be out.

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