Thank you for your help and time.

So this is what I did....I made splits yesterday by taking a frame of honey, a frame of capped brood and another frame that I know had new eggs. When I saw the queen I made it a point to leave her. After I got the frames set up in a wooden nuc I knocked off a couple frames of bees into each nuc. Altogether I made 25 or so. The time was between 12pm-5pm and in the mid 70's. The empty frames I put into the nucs were mostly drawn out from other hives that didn't come thru the winter but still had some honey residue on them. Our swarm season is just around the corner and we have have mustard and eucalyptus trees starting to flower soon.

So should I put sugar syrup on them? My lids are all ready for a quart jar. Also should I give them any pollen substitute along with the syrup?

Thank you for your input.