History: I have two hives I started last year they never really got strong enough for a second brood chamber, though they sustained themselves. this year I started checking on them in January when the weather was warm andhave had larva capped brood in the hives. about two weeks ago I found one of them had swarmed/split so I caught them and started a "NEW" hive after inspection saturday I noticed that the two old hives had no eggs or larva though they have honey and pollen stores. the new one had honey,pollen and eggs(best i can tell with my eye site even with glasses on) the first two hives have 7-10 frames of comb in one brood chamber, the new one has one and half frames of comb.

well I guess it wasnt eggs as I just checked the swarm hive and no larva just bees, pollen, and nectar this hive is two weeks old tomorrow should there be signs of a queen by now?

Obviously I dont have a queen anywhere on this hill unless she is in the trees in woods behind me

I have researched the news paper between the two brood chambers and understand how this works,however I am confused on how long it takes for them to eat through the paper?
Should I block the entrance of the bottom hive?
Will the top hive not have an entrance?
Which hive should I put the queen in?

Im sure when these questions are answered it will put new questions in my mind

when I have the two hives combined can I introduce the swarm hive once they are happy again?