I checked all my hives with the last warm spells. Only 4 out of 12 are alive and they are weak. There was plenty of honey/sugar water and some pollen. Test results from the Bee Lab in Maryland for the first two samples sent in came back :

Nosema hive #1 was 77.5 Million spores per bee (2.4 mites per 100 bees)

Nosema hive #2 was 53 Million spores per bee (.9 mites per 100 bees)

Comb samples from these two hives came back with "no disease found"

I'm awaiting test result for the remaining hives.

I have read on the forum about sanitizing/cleaning boxes, frames and the comb with acetic acid or bleach and possible treating of the bees (OR NOT TREATING). However, I am not sure if that is appropriate AND if it has been effective for those who have done it.

So, are my combs/boxes contaminated with nosema?
If you have sanitized, how did it turn out.

I'll be installing new packages in April and want to have as clean of a re-start as possible. Any thoughts?