Hello guys, I know how to spot a queen in a langstroth hive. But when your doing a cutout (including using a beevac) what is best way to locate her? I read some threads, and I tried leaving the 2 inner combs intact and hoping she was there. I didn't locate her. Originally I also didn't know how far in the combs went. So what I'm getting at. If you can't locate a queen and you go home with a box of combs rubber banded in the frames and a bunch of bees in a ball (beevac) how the heck can you find her the best way? I'm asking because I would like to find the queen and kill her so I can add them to another hive with newspaper OR requeen altogether.

I have found out recently that cutouts are totally different than working them in a commercial hive. (I'm fairly new as well) thanks for sharing any tips and secrets.