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    Default Need some support on drone cells VS queen cell

    I have a hive that has some capped drone cells and tonight I found two cells that were larger than the drone cells but they were not hanging down. They were growing out of the foundation horizontally larger than the drone cells. These were capped. Can a queen cell grow horizontal or are these larger drone cells. If anyone can post photos of the difference I would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Need some support on drone cells VS queen cell

    Sounds like emergency queen cells. The bees build them when there are no suitable eggs or larva available and no queen cups. They start feeding royal jelly to larva in regular brood cells and build them out and down to give the queen room to grow. There's an article in the April issue of American Bee Journal by Roy Hendrickson that has photos of the different queen cells.The photos are on page 387. I'm not sure if you can view the article on their website but your local library might carry the issue or get it through inter-library loan.

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    Default Re: Need some support on drone cells VS queen cell

    Here is a thread showing a cluster of drone cells that looked close enough to a queen cell for me to question myself.
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