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    Hi, we live in northwest Montana. We started top bar beekeeping in 2010 with one hive. That summer our hive swarmed a few times and we were able to catch two swarms to fill two more top bar hives. We live in cherry orchard country but the honeybee population has dwindled here due to so much use of insecticides. We decided to keep bees to help the area, the world environment in general, and for our own honey. It has been a learning experience for sure. I hope to learn from the rest of you. Thank you.

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    This forum has more usefull information than one can read in a lifetime.
    Wood's Bay has a whole different climate than the Gallatin Valley
    Peter W., Belgrade, MT, Elv. 4420 Zone 4a
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    Hey, We seem to be in the minority. I started last year with two top bars and two warre's. Down to one top bar now but it is doing great. Not many top bar people in Montana. I'm going to do some experimenting this year. I'll have two top bars, two warre's, two long hives, and one double queen setup. Should be interesting. My top bars were very strong last year and neither one swarmed. Went into the winter with 22 bars of stores each. The one that made it has only used 4 bars, and the one that didn't went through 5 before it died in Feb. Looks like another early spring. hope we get some summer moisture this year.

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    Welcome JM!


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