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I look for the queen as I'm making up the nuc and I'm comfortable enough that if I don't see her on a frame inside of 30 seconds that she is not on it. quite often I'll find her as I'm making up the nuc and I just set her aside. The time of year also helps, it's easier to find a queen in the spring then in mid summer during a flow. My worst is that I grabed 2% of the queens but most often I grab none. It takes about 5-7 minutes to make a nuc like that from the opening the hive to putting the lid on your hive and nuc.

If you have a partner out there with you you can double check the the frames. When my dad and I made nucs I would open the hive and as I came across the frames for the nuc I would give it a quick check 15-20 seconds then pass it to my dad who would check it until I passed him the next frame. When the nuc was made he'd close everything up while I moved onto the next hive.

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