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    Default Maxant Parallel on Ebay

    I see there's a maxant 30 frame extractor on ebay.
    This one looks brand new in the photos. I don't understand why this type of unit doesn't dominate the market. Isn't it easier to run a revolving basket in this manner instead of vertically? Hmmm.
    Engineers have it at.

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    Default Re: Maxant Parallel on Ebay

    A few guesses...

    1: the shaft diameter would ahve to be larger in this case to resist the bending moment caused by the drum and honey. In a vertical orientation that load is a compressiove force rather than a bending force. not a deal breaker there.

    2: with the set-up, one could not load all the frames at a time. the drum would have to be rotated. in a vertical orientation, all frames can be removed/placed without drum motion. perhapsa significant factor if processing a lot of frames. time is money, afterall

    3: if the honey was allowed to collect in the device, you'd have yourself a dang mess. instead of frames twisting in a puddle of stickiness, they will slap it like a paddle wheeler, most assuredly destroying frames. I find this unlikely to occur, but who knows.

    Thats all i can see at a glance. I don't see any real reason why folks wouldn;t use something like this. heck, they are produced, so folks must use them.

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    Default Re: Maxant Parallel on Ebay

    Maxant stopped making them in 2010. My guess(I have never seen one) is #1 your arms and legs would get tired stepping up and picking up to load.
    #2 when you put the first frame in the reel is going to spin down to the bottom with the weight of the frame, when you put in more frames where is it going to be?
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    Default Re: Maxant Parallel on Ebay

    Was not a real good machine, no longer in production.

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    Default Re: Maxant Parallel on Ebay

    Was a great machine! Will be getting a makeover in the future
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