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Patiently waiting for Barry's response...
Sorry I haven't been very active in this discussion. It indicates that I'm not sold on the need for another forum. At some point, breaking down discussion into separate forums becomes detrimental. Initially, I was very leery of starting the commercial forum for fear that it would divide members and pit one group against another. Thankfully this has not happened and I see beekeepers of all types participating in the commercial forum. The thread topics and discussions are clearly different from the other forums, justifying the usefulness of the commercial forum. I'm having a hard time seeing how breaking things down into another sub group will improve the forum as a whole. It's not a very clearly defined group, or class, or status, like commercial is. The bulk of topics that a "sideliner" would discuss fit either in the commercial forum or the main bee forum. It seems to me, very few threads would be unique in nature to sideliner. A sideliner is basically a small scale commercial, or beginning commercial, is it not?

Still sitting firmly on the fence.