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    Default New Forum Idea: Sideliners

    "The Business Side of Beekeeping" has the Commercial beekeeping and pollination forum, but no option for sideliners and people who keep bees for money but also have another job which provides most of their income.

    I know there is a decent proportion of users of this site who do just that. Things that differentiate them from "commercial" beekeeper include the following: They do not make all their income from bees. They typically sell direct to consumers rather than in bulk or wholesale. Some of them do travel for pollination, but many of them don't. They often spend major portions of time at events like Farmer's Markets. Their equipment like extractors and trucks are smaller in scale.

    I was wondering if I could get some sort of consensus on whether a new forum geared toward discussion of information and methods of these people would be a good idea. I don't want to criticize the commercial forum, but rather offer another similar forum for people who do business but don't fit in with the commercial crowd.
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