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    Default Drone cells march 15

    So I am west of portland oregon and last week I was out checking my hives and found a few capped drone brood. I have a hive I wish to graft for because they were very productive even as a swarm last year. My cousin who has had bees for 48 years says the drones don't fly around here until the last two weeks of may. I understand that some drones are probably laid all year long but how many flying does it take to ensure that walk away splits and grafts have a fighting chance?

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    Default Re: Drone cells march 15

    Each queen will mate with 15-20 drones. The more drones available the better since they won't all get to the party on time. I think your cousin meant you won't get good mating weather until the last weeks of May. The drones will fly earlier than that, any day it is warm enough for bees to fly.


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