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    Default Dead Hive....diagnosis??

    I knew this hive was dead. I stopped seeing activity and didn't hear the buzzing when I knocked. I was waiting for a break in the weather to take a peek. All bees were dead but there were not very many at all. Don't think they starved, I did not see hardly any with their butts sticking up. There was 2 deeps and a medium to overwinter. As of today, the bottom deep had at least 4 frames full on honey, the upper deep was packed full of honey and the super was also untouched. The bottom board had some bees dead (but not alot) and there was a small cluster (100-200??) in the upper deep near the front of the hive. I did not see any brood at all. This was a brand new package last spring. I did attach a couple of pictures. I saw these white granules in the cells all over the hive. It looked like they were in there with honey that was uncapped. Don't know if this is crystalized honey or mites or what?? Any ideas would definitely help me learn from my mistakes....thanks.


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    Default Re: Dead Hive....diagnosis??

    My thought is that the white flecks are wax cappings due to the fact the are so big.
    For example, check out the mite feces on the upper right wall this pic.


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    yes thats crysilized sugar/honey... I have a lot of that in hives. Other than that, not sure. Keep in mind mites, and a small cluster that cannot move to food is my biggest issues. lots of bees starve with food in the hive. There not running around in there looking in the corners....they are clustered up and only move a slight bit. the smaller the cluster, the worse the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcharlie View Post
    the smaller the cluster, the worse the problem.
    And...the heavier the mite load...the smaller the cluster.
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