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Thread: Will this work?

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    Default Will this work?

    I'm thinking of buying 3 frames of bees, 2 with brood and 1 with pollen (I have many frames with honey I didn't extract), and a new queen (laying).

    I'll be putting them directly in a 10 frame hive (I want to skip the nuc), and feeding them some protein patties from Mann Lake, and sugar water (syrup).

    Do you think it'd work out, or would it be too small that it wouldn't ever grow?

    Thank you

    P.S. I'm near Sacramento, California

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    Default Re: Will this work?

    Should grow if the bees are packed in good on the frames and you have a good laying queen.
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    Default Re: Will this work?

    When I make up my splits that way the first week in May they are strong enough for the July honey flow.

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    so you are buying a nuc. it will work out you can use your drawn out frames in the ten frame hive with the honey you have.they will take off since she will have a lot of room to lay.


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