Ok, I last checked my hive about two weeks ago and there was about 8 bar of brood,eggs, and larvae. We had some chilly weather and today I opened the hive and there is only about three bars of brood, no eggs, no larvae, and a little drone brood; one bar has two peanuts hanging off of the bottom that look like queen cells. The other frames have little brood and the open comb is being filled with nectar. there is plenty of room and alot of unused comb. There is a total of about 12-13 frames with comb. There is plenty of activity with the girls bringing in nectar and pollen. About two weeks ago I took a bar that had a small amount of comb with eggs, larvae, and brood that I took to do a trap out. The trap out didn't work and I still have the brood comb in a swarm catching box. Before I took the comb with eggs I shook off the bees in the grass so they could go back to the original hive, it was a small comb and the queen was not on it (I'm 90% sure of this ;-) ) Any ideas what's going on? When I checked the hive I didn't see the queen but she has been elusive b4.