Hi, I'm new to the forum, so this may not be the right place to raise this, but I was looking for some advice.

I collected a swarm three days ago - the swarm started around 4.30 pm, settled in a shrub in a nearby park. This is the end of our flowering season (Australia, just going into Autumn, so its very odd. I thought that the small hive beetle might have got to them. It is, I expect, from a feral colony). Since I didn't have a box prepared, I collected the swarm in a large cardboard container, put two frames with foundation into it, and thought I'd box it up the following day. It was a large swarm. The next day (actually, Wednesday), I emptied it into an eight frame box. All seemed well, until today (Friday). I observed that flying bees were not bringing pollen back in. They hadn't previously either. Late this afternoon, I noticed bees wax powder at the entrance, about a cup full, I thought usually a sign of robbing, but there would be nothing to rob. I am reluctant to open for a couple of days more.

Any suggestions about what to do would be greatly appreciated