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Maybe…but you do understand tense? Are = present tense Were = past tense
Allen used the present tense....
Hmmmmm, no matter how much help she has….several hundred to me means around three hundred."
This is the problem. You are trying to have an argument with me about something you misunderstood Allen say ...and it's something that I actually know about. But either you think my wife and I "mistook" 300 hives for 700-800 hives through 7 visits _and_ that Allen visited Dee recently but I just don't know about it, or you think I am making things up.

Email Allen and ask him when he was there last, how many hives he thinks she has now, and what he bases that number upon. Figure it out.

Errr, speaking of 'honest mistakes'.
Michael Palmer January 18, 2013
Well that's not true. I know Dean, and have talked with him about his
filming incident. Dean told me that there were so many stingers in his
[I]sneakers that you couldn't tell what color they were.
Well, I'll cut Mike some slack cause he's my buddy, and I understand that that far North the air gets pretty thin...(sorry Ian ).
That's almost, sorta, kinda true...but certainly not an honest presentation of the facts.

I was dressed in an inspectors jacket (a wedding present from Dee...remember, this was a working wedding honeymoon...we got Dee an online ordination and she married us in the desert....was there something in this thread about a "normal lifestyle"?), white painters pants from walmart, and some brown woven nylon hiking boots.

Let's just say, the boots didn't go over too well with the bees. I still have one of the boots...I'll try to photograph it.

The bees were crazy for the camera (someone suggested the bees might think I was stealing their souls) and the boots.

They would cling to the inside of the ladies legs (there are a few crotch smoking shots in the videos...remember, these were unedited and unprepared...we were just going through yards and after a few days, I felt like I could try to narrate what was going on). Also, if you are going to watch these, please not that smoke is hardly used, except on us.

Once we started to tear through a yard, we would have bees in the air and around our veils...no clinging. I won't say I didn't get a few stings in a day, but it was louder than anything else.

So, after the first two days, I showed Dee my boots, and she dug into a closet and pulled out a pair of white leather sneakers....from a backpack she found, dropped by an illegal being chased by border patrol...in my size. Problem solved, no more ankle biting.

Every time I go back, my shoes are there....but I wear a different pair (also found in a backpack)...why? I stopped getting stung, but I got an itchy foot fungus! (I know, TMI, but it is what happened).

So, that is the story of the shoes....and they were covered. If you look at the pictures from our recent trip, you will see that they are still crazy for the camera, as Anita was there, so I could photograph a photographer.

Mike, we would love to have you back down south where the air is thicker, and you can recharge your braincells at the NETFBC. Do tell them how we fed you, treated you, and got you in front of a young, receptive and enthusiastic audience who were eager to LISTEN (well, Dee didn't like seeing that sugar in the hive..).

But it's ok you didn't tell them about the foot fungus, I don't think I told you that part