I think the experiment of going treatment free in commercial beekeepers has been done in the past. Unfortunately I do not think those guys are around to tell how they made out. As Jim pointed there is absolutely no incentive to go treatment free. There are so many risks and perils in this business, why would anybody even contemplate trying? The risks are huge, the benefit almost non existent. I for one will wait until I see others having success going treament free before I would even consider it on 10% of the outfit. We, the beekeeping industry is in a situation were even low levels of varroa mites are vectorin viruses that take out your hives. Point being the so called low levels of 15 years past does not cut it today.

Some have challenged Dee Lusby as to her "commercial" status. When pressed to give some generalities on her production she would not divulge. I doubt that it would be sustainable on a commercial level.