I'm new to beekeeping (hence my name ) and have a question: There's a beekeeper in a neighboring county who has probably 25 - 30 Langstroth hives and has swarms every Spring. He has offered to sell a complete hive, bees and all, but I'm thinking more along the lines of wanting TBHs and I can probably just buy a swarm from him. He usually collects his swarms by just shaking them into a five gallon bucket. Can I just get the bucket (of course with holes in the lid for them to breathe) and move them into MY TBH? Would I just remove the bars and shake all of them into the hive? Would i need to start a line of purchased beeswax on the top bar strips to get them on their way? Will they just take up house in that hive or is there a chance that all of them will just leave? If I do get them in their hive this year, will I collect any honey this year, or will it be next year before I harvest any honey? Please help! I feel like I may be in over my head LOL!!