Hi, My wife and I are brand new keepers anxiously awaiting for the phone call that our two nucs from the local association are ready. Until then all I can do is stare at my two beautiful hives sitting in my workshop, make sure my equipment is ready to go and read, read, read. All of the questions that I have had so far, I have been able to get answers to somwhere (usually here) however one of my questions I havent seen touched on yet. My neighbors love to feed humming birds during the spring and summer and usually have probably ten or more feeders out. The planned area for our bee yard is on the other side of our property from theirs and will put our hives about two hundred feet from their humming bird feeders. I think my question is pretty clear by now, will the feeders become bee feeders. My wife and I have a great relationship with these neighbors and consider them part of our family, so I really dont want to cause any problems for them. I have spoken to our neighbors about us keeping bees and they are all for it and have said they cant wait for us to get them up and running. I did mention my concern that the bees may be attracted to the feeders in large numbers but that as a brand new keeper I wasnt sure how much they would be. Their answer to this was that they wouldnt put them up simple as that, last year they didnt get very many hummers to the feeders. After reading so many horror stories of ignorant neighbors that folks have to deal with, I feel very lucky to have such understanding and compromising neighbors. Even though they have already said "no big deal we just wont put them up" I dont want that to be the solution since I know how much they enjoy seeing the little birds coming to their windows even if it is just a few. So, question two, how to have both. If it proves that the feeders will become out feeders for the bees, will I be able to keep large numbers from feeding on them by heavy feeding at the hives when there is no or low flow. I would imagine that some of you have encountered this situation and just wondering what to expect. Thanks, Ryan