In one of the Robert Russell threads Ted Kretschmann's name came up. Well, I took Ted K. up on an invitation to call him...we talked about an hour. Ted's doing ok and is finally about over the spider bite which was a bad time for him..we're talking bone scraping surgery,etc.,.

The thing about Ted is that though he's done this all of his life and probably as much of an expert as anyone in the country he loves to talk bees with a newbee like me. When I told him I had three viable hives going into the spring I thought I'd get a chuckle from the fellow that's got 2000+ hives...that wasn't the case, though. Instead, when he found out I'd lost two colonies he insured me that I was about average with the rest of the industry and better than what he had in one yard....a big producer like him trying to lift a little guy like me up...that's class. He loves the bee business and is greatly concerned about it. He's old fashioned in that he adheres to the idea that "beekeepers help beekeepers", but he fears some of the *good* old ways are disappearing. I guess it's just like in many other things...changes happen...some good, some not so good.

Anyhow, he's currently knee deep in bees and sorting out what he's coming out of winter with...some areas look good and some look so-so. Lastly, he told me to tell everybody hello for him so here it is...."hello for him" there, I said it.


PS...BTW, he's still opinionated and says what's on his mind.