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    Default newbie, with 1st spring

    Hello everyone

    I have been reading alot on this site. I have purchase a package last year and it was so dry and I was wondered if they have enought honey to last through winter and the winter here (Utah) was so cold this year, I thought they probably all dead, but to my surprise last saturday the temper hit 50 F the first time and I saw my bee coming out. I was so excite that they made it. Since this is the only hive I have and I will be going to split them, but still don't know how to split them. Should I do a walk away split or buy another queen. Any advice is greatly appreciate.

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    Default Re: newbie, with 1st spring

    Unless they have flowers blooming, they haven't made it thru the winter yet! You probably need to open up the hive and see if they have capped honey. If they don't, they need fed. Do more reading on the requirements for making a split. is a good education. Michael Bush has a web site and a book. Search dave cushman beekeeper for another good education.


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