Does anyone have experience or recommendations with pollinating radishes? I have been approached by a farmer who is planning to plant 100 acres of radishes. The radishes are to produce seed which is then to be sold and used as cover crop plantings. This is their second year planting radishes with no bees last year. I don't really care to get into pollinating, but am at least a little curious and possibly interested in this venture. The radish crop will be next to a lot of CRP containing alfalfa & some other blooming plantings in it. Along with the CRP is some possibility of acres of wild yellow clover hopefully also nearby. I understand the radishes' bloom period is mid-May to early June. June is about when our clover gets deeply started blooming in this region, which is why I thought this may possibly be a good mix for me to experiment with. Any suggestions? How many acres/hive or hives/acre does this crop require? Thanks- Greg