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    Default pollen sub vs sugar water vs sugar block

    i am trying to make up my mind on this...this will be used in the spring and summer to start off new hives....what would you use? thanks greg

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    Default Re: pollen sub vs sugar water vs sugar block

    You should probably feed both protein and carbohydrate to a hive you need to boost due to low numbers or small cluster, etc.

    They need both, and if they are not able to collect adequate amounts of either one, they will lag.

    I'm assuming you want to "kickstart" your bees -- do so with caution, as once they start serious brood rearing you MUST feed if they cannot forage due to weather, they will run out of stores and freeze to death. Once you start spring feeding, you will have to continue until they can collect enough nectar and pollen to sustain their numbers on their own, and that will include rainy or cold days, all to common here in mid spring.

    Half a pound of pollen supplement is great insurance in the spring, as the bees will store what they don't use immediately. For sugar, either will work, but thin (1:1) syrup is more likely to induce brood than solid sugar.


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    Default Re: pollen sub vs sugar water vs sugar block

    Watch the pollen sub starting the middle of April until October they are SHB magnets. It is hard to beat 1-1 sugar water for a new hive in the spring as they will be able to collect plenty of pollen.

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    Default Re: pollen sub vs sugar water vs sugar block

    >what would you use?

    Packages are usually available about the time the first nectar sources bloom and the maples usually bloom somewhere around a month before that, so fresh pollen is available. Pollen substitute makes short lived bees. Bees will prefer fresh pollen. Pollen substitute will attract SHB. If there is a nectar flow, I probably wouldn't feed, if not, I would feed until they have some capped stores. But I would keep an eye on things. If they get trapped inside by rainy weather for a prolonged period of time while they still don't have any capped stores, it would be a good idea to feed them syrup to keep them from starving.
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