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Well I love it! going to build one with a jacket for running HFCS. Mocking it up this weekend with a Diaghapram pump I use to feed HFCS anyway (truck mounted hose reel)
One question I have you mentioned a syrup your buying thats surcrose and cheaper than HFCS?? what and where?

Atlantic sugar refining in Charlotte, NC is where I've gotten my syrup.
I don't want to squash your idea but I don't think a diaphragm pump be satisfactory. If you feel otherwise then build it & let me know how it performs.
In my exhaustive research I learned there are 2 or 3 type of pump for high vulome, high viscous fluid. An internal or external gear pump, mine being the external type, and a lobe pump. If I recall correctly a diaphragm pump will cause a lot of pulsation in the output if it is a size pump that will provide the volume*whicb, again if I recall, is about 16 GPM for the system I made. A small diaphragm pump doesn't pulsate as much but doesn't provide the volume.
Just passing on what, I think, I learned.
Ideally a direct mount pump with integrated gear reduction would be so much easier to build. My problem was budget and not knowing for sure what speed reduction I would needs for syrup.
Good luck.

Oh-to he poster before you I like the idea of a small stub at the drain. I'd like to try a version but one with a ,"U" turn so there is even less chance of particles suspended in the liquid to get in the supply.
In reality I'll continue with how it is setup now. It really seems to be hassle free and, in my personal experience, going forward sometimes means going backward.
I am almost always tempted to fix things that aren't broken. In this case I'll try to avoid this tendency due to having a machine I am more than happy with plus having a bit of burnout. .