Please ignore any question you find to be "stupid." we decided to look into bees yesterday. Yup, yesterday. I've watched roughly 40 how to videos on youtube covering the various aspects of beekeeping, but as many questions as it answered, it created just as many. (Very boring job, lots of spare time). Anyway, any questions anyone could answer would be greatly appreciated

Drones mate the queen, have no stinger, and venture out looking for new spaces for before a hive split or swarm?? Is that correct and is there anything else I should know about drones?

What are the Pros and Cons for a beginner between a langstrom and a top bar? Do the bees prefer one over the other?

Bees want pollen obviously, any things they preffer over others? Perhaps it can be worked into local hunters food plots with some persuading, if I knew some things perhaps they and deer both enjoy

Pros and Cons? As I understand it, bees in swarm mode are extra docile? And any tips on locations of swarm traps or perhaps good bait?

Any answers I can get would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Again, sorry if my questions are dumb but I seriously have only 2 days of knowledge. Also would be awesome any random tips or tricks anyone would be willing to share I'm all ears