Hi guys,

I've been learning a bit about beekeeping here and am enthusiastic to get started doing it. However, I'm also interested in importing some medicinal and therapeutic honeys from other countries that aren't produced here.

So I have a few questions if you might indulge me:
1. I was wondering what I might need to do to sell it here in terms of importation taxes and tariffs, I saw it was about 6% tax?
2. I was thinking about buying it by the drum and then putting it into 1/2 lb or 1lb jars to sell, where might I find jars like that?
3. I also need to get labels put on it. Anyone have any idea on where I can get labels made? What information does it have to include?
4. I was also curious about wholesale prices. How much below retail prices do you suggest selling them to stores at?

Thanks again for your time.