I opened up a hive today to check it out, haven't been in it in a month. The hive has two deeps and a medium super on top for feed. 4/5 of the bees were in the middle deep, about 1/5 were in the top super. There were a few cells in the top deep that looked to be full of mold. These cells were not around brood, but are in and near uncapped honey (or sugar syrup).

I went into the bottom deep and found lots of these "moldy" cells. It is different colors, most of it is white and green. I think I also saw signs of wax moths in one frame (spider web looking) as you can see if one of the pictures.

One frame had lots of white powdery mold, looks like condensation maybe was dripping down the frame? The bottom board had this chalky "fluffy" mold looking substance. If you blow on it it would blow away sort of like a heavy powder.

Any idea what is going on here? I removed the bottom deep. Thanks for any help, pics to come next