Howdie. I just signed up so I could post a question I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. I'm just starting to learn about beekeeping and was looking at purchasing or making a top bar hive. I watched some videos on top bar hives on Youtube and realized I have what looks like a raised metal bunk feeder for an herb garden or something of the like, about chest high almost. It was left at the house I'm at. It is just about exactly the same size and shape as a top bar hive but maybe a few feet longer. My question is this, never having had a hive before, is there any reason I would NOT be able to use that metal stand and just lay some wood bars on the top and cut an entrance in the bottom for the bees? I guess I'm not sure if there is reason metal can't be used as the base. All the ones I have seen were all wood. I'm thinking the metal might not insulate them well enough maybe, but I have no idea. If that's the case, I could line it with wood perhaps. I wish I had a picture, but really, it just looks exactly like a top bar hive on a taller stand, without the bars on the top. Any suggestions on whether that may or may not work?